Clik Clik is arts producer/director Kate Cox, a practicing visual and performance artist for over 20 years with experience in arts management and production since 2010.

Clik Clik Collective is a creative venture produced by Kate, which offers a wide variety of colourful entertainment and can be found working with a range of freelance arts practitioners to give maximum diversity and individuality to all projects undertaken.

Providing a vibrant mix of unique creative entertainment for all kinds of events, both indoor and out, Clik Clik creates immersive installations, interactive photo booths, pop-ups, performances, processions, children’s projects, events and larger scale productions.

A Brief History:

Performing under different guises at festivals since 2007, the name Clik Clik Collective was initially co-created with Worcester based artist and musician Richard Clarke in 2010 to provide pop up exhibitions. Clik Clik Collective curated galleries and art fairs in Worcestershire celebrating local and national artists while Kate continued to persue a passion for an unusual mix of walkabout performance at festivals.

In 2013, Kate went solo with Clik Clik producing two projects; the first commissioned several immersive artists in a sound based experience called ‘Soundabout’; the second collaborated with the band Collective 43 and to create the ‘Voodoo Funeral March Procession’ for the Worcester Victorian Fair.

Clik Clik now produces unique immersive installations and experiences for many festivals and events nationwide, and works with artists, performers and musicians including Phil Wilkins, Spare Room Arts, Collective Unconscious, Jo Bedford, Dominic Satchell, Heather Wastie, Sam Underwood, Dan Bramhall and more……

Taking the arts to the people, encouraging everyone to get creative, experience something different and most importantly, have fun.