photo by Toni Charles

Nominated for the AIF Festival Congress award ‘Unique Festival Arena’ 2015, The Cabinet of Lost Secrets was created for, and launched at Nozstock – The Hidden Valley, a dynamic boutique festival in Herefordshire in July 2015.

A multi-roomed underground burrow of surprises, with secret doors, curiosities and animals who lead you into its heart, the Cabinet of Lost Secrets is a mind-spinning space with live music, performance and dancing!

The venue changes every year, so you can always expect the unexpected! The Cabinet is created by its own fabulous team who bring it to life!

The Cabinet of Lost Secrets is produced by Clik Clik.

2015 -A wall of doors from the Burrow, which ones open and which ones close? The plum living room with freakish family portraits and hidden door, the Barber Shop, the illusionary zig-zag holding room with sliding door to reveal the main room.  The Black Lodge. The animals. 

Photo credit – Toni Charles

2016 – the Ancient World, beyond the Burrow, a hidden temple lay, reached by a dingy backalley with many doors only opened by a hidden switch controlled by the animals themselves. The glass fronted ‘Cabinet’ was filled with objects and curios. The barber shop had peep hole windows from the Burrow. The animals control you.

The big showstopper – a secret gig from Jurassic 5’s Akil, an intimate experience for only 145 people.


Photo credit – Duncan Graves

2017 –  Extended Burrow with large garden and Dj cart, secret upstairs den, no shoes please, Mirrored maze disco entrance past the ‘Cabinet’ full of freakish dolls and animals, then through the White Room for sound art, experiments and burlesque, secret bookcase door to larger main room, with beautiful sensory AV and digital art onto a brand new wood build pyramid stage! The animals are watching you!



The Cabinet of Lost Secrets crew:

Kate Cox – Creative Director/Venue Manager/Programmer

Phil Wilkins – Design and Construction Manager/Assistant Creative Director

Graham Colledge – Design and Construction Assistant Manager

Louis Straker, Matt Dale, Daren Wood, Dan Wall , Victoria Blackburn Harris, Jack Tuncliffe Jones, Usama Omar – construction and decor team

Olly Urwin & Will Maeers – Sound crew

Tristan Rowley (Vurfx) – AV and digital media

Thanks also goes to: Victoria Dagnan, Vashti Mayne, Selby Larner, Charley Jordan, Mark Ellis, Nicola Boraston, Daniel Caldwell, Emily Baker, Jim Dale, Jo Bedford, Dom Satchell, Kath Fox, Rich Fox, Jane Harrison, Tim Ahrensbach, Henry Bolton, Ollie Badger, Simon Harrison

With special thanks to all the musicians and performers who help bring it to life:

Akil the MC, Professor Elemental, Sam Redmore, Seas of Mirth, The Stiff Joints, Normanton Street, Hallouminati, Galactic Funk Militia, Jamie Winchester, Mango Factory, Mankala, Disco Panther, The Discount Orchestra, Desert Boots, Calm Like a Riot, Collective 43, Rosebud, Yusufla, Lit FM, Beatwell & Dante, Steve Strong, The Pink Diamond Revue, Cantaloop,  Swansea Lap top Orchestra, Deaf Pictures, Glatze, Rich Fox, Funky Navigation dj’s, The Blue Dive, Collective Unconscious, Play it Again Dan (Dan Bramhall), The Demon Barbers, Corina Harper, Sarah Tamar & Brendan Trevallion with the masked life drawing class from the Boars Head Kidderminster, Scarlett O Sparkle, Sisters of a Down, Trio Diabolique, Alice the Worker,  Jim Dale, Heather Wastie, Wintercroft Masks for the amazing mask templates & Toni Charles, Duncan Graves and Andie Differ for the photography and film!


“At the top of the hill, we arrive at the Cabinet Of Lost Secrets. Wander down through a little tunnel and you arrive in an underground cavern furnished with places to sit and a little bar where you can get earthy mojitos and shots of strong spirit. We rest a while here whilst I get my beard trimmed by a demon barber. Straight out of Sweeney Todd, the blood-stained rags fixed to the costume are no more than decoration and the job done is a good one. We’re encouraged to explore around the little nooks and crannies of this area to find secret venues within. A tunnel decorated with skull-like objects and scary lighting leads into a larger tent. We stay here and watch a fine jazz band go for it. It’s all a bit like the hidden tents that Shambala indulges in so well.”

E-Festivals – 2nd Aug 2017

“Other highlights were Sugarhill Gang’s funktastic classics set and the hidden area, entered via a hall of mirrors – the Cabinet of Lost Secrets.”

London Evening Standard – 7th Aug 2017

“A small bar that turned out to have a mirrored walkway ending in a secret stage with projections and a swing band was one of the highlights; you are Alice, you are in wonderland and you never want to leave, and most importantly you feel this surprise has been created especially for you.”

In Reach (blog) – 28th July 2017

“Make like Alice and follow that white rabbit down into the jewel of the Hidden Valley, the maze of tunnels and trapdoors known as The Cabinet of Lost Secrets, a bizarre topsy-turvy Wonderland where time twists and turns around you as you plunge into the surreal. ‘Secrets’ being the name of the game in the lair where time has no meaning and a surprise performance or sneaky gig could kick off at any moment.”

Nozstock The Hidden Valley blog – 24th May 2017

“Saturday lunchtime we had a right ol’ cockney knee’s up with Play It Again Dan in the Cabinet of Lost Secrets and sang along with old classics such as “My Old Man Said Follow The Van!”

Festival Kidz – Sept 1st 2016

“Jurassic 5 rightly own the festival, gaining by far the biggest crowd of the weekend. Add to that a secret after-party show fronted by Akil for 100 lucky punters in the Cabinet Of Lost Secrets, and you have all the ingredients for the perfect intimate, family-friendly festival”.

The Independent – 4th Aug 2016

 “Unprecedented madness”

Summer Festival Guide – Aug 2015

“The Cabinet of Lost Secrets at Nozstock was an incredible space to be; the level of production was amazing, a totally immersive environment of mystery and wonder.  Completely different to everything else on site The Cabinet of Lost Secrets stood as one of those hidden gems that if you found, would absolutely make your festival experience.”
Tom Hyland – Swingamajig Festival/Electric Swing Circus – Sept 2015

When both the music and arts meet, it really is a treat and The Cabinet of Lost Secrets is a perfect example of that; motivated by curiosity alone, we followed a group of dancing people into the brightly coloured enclosed space, admittedly slightly confused we were nothing short of delighted when three bangs on the wall saw it lift and reveal a hidden stage

The Metropolist2015