Clik Clik produce a wide range of photo booth packages which are unique and playful. Unlike most conventional photobooths, a Clik Clik one will come with hosts in character to add fun to the occasion, plus they are bespoke and can be tailor made for individual events and themes in weird and wonderful ways!

With a diverse mix of styles there is something for every event.

Character Boards –

The Clik Clik Character Board, as seen at festivals and events since 2010, is a really fun way to entertian the public/guests. A classic ‘face-in-hole’ board like the old seaside greats, but with special hosts filled with banter to intice those fine faces to have a go. Then with a mixed bag of face props, each participant will be adorned with a makeover of silly specs or fake facial hair before being snapped forever!

Character Boards are all hand painted by a range of artists and can be personally designed for your event/wedding/festival.

Bespoke boards can also be ordered on their own without hosts and props, so you can DIY *

*delivery charges apply

Gilt frame and dressing up box –

With a gold gilt frame and box of allsorted props, the standard photo-booth set up is a popular choice as it is flexible and really gets people involved. Clik Clik will use props and decor to make it a unique experience everytime. Comes with hosts for that special touch!

This set up can come in many different styles, from large frame and trunk style box of props or a roaming stripped down version which takes up much less space, to something tailored to a specific event.




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