“Clik Clik Collective have been a huge part of Nozstock for quite a few year’s now but we were really excited to welcome their new bespoke area, The Cabinet of Lost Secrets, into Nozstock The Hidden Valley 2015. The crew were devoted, hard-working, and capable of building an area that was intricate and wonderful. There was constant consultation, sterling attention to detail, extraordinary vision and drive, coupled with flexibility and understanding all the way.


The Cabinet… was enthralling, atmospheric and quite alarming in equal measure. Nozstocker’s were delighted and intrigued and Clik Clik’s playful engagement with the audience was pitch perfect. And as well as all the freakiness, there was a good deal of excellent, dance-inducing music and skankin’ goodness throughout the weekend too. The area was the perfect addition to our festival and really upped the recognition of Nozstock as a festival of arts as well as music. Thank you Clik Clik!”

Toki Allison – Nozstock The Hidden Valley. August 2015.

“Out and about on site were the team from Clik Clik, a group of very excitable people who sang and danced and paraded all over the place, this is the second festival I have seen them at and they really make everyone laugh and smile.”
Review of Green Man festival by Vicky Lane from festivalkidz.com August 2014.


‘I have come into contact with ClikClik Collective through a number of different projects during my work as Arts Development Officer in Worcestershire.
I have found them to have a professional, well informed, approachable and flexible approach to their work. They have a broad skill set which enables them to be highly responsive to a range of arts briefs. They work well with a wide range of clients from community to corporate. They are just what the County needs. I look forward to working with them in the future.’
Loz Samuels, Arts officer Wyre Forest District Council


“Clik Clik provided an exciting and energetic ‘sound’ at the ‘Snodfest 2014’ workshops. Many children enjoyed blowing, hitting and shaking a variety of usual, and unusual musical instruments. Members of Clik Clik facilitated the kids to enjoy the freedom to make sound, but also got them to listen and form a band in a short period of time. It even sounded musical for moments…the mission was accomplished…kids making music.”
Alison Double – workshop coordinator Snodfest community festival Oct 14


“This year Swingamajig had the pleasure of welcoming the Clik Clik collective to entertain the crowds with their head in hole experience. Do you dare to put your face in their holes and be tampered with in weird and wonderful ways, and get photographed with no clue quite how brilliant or rediculous you look! Yes this is what the Clik Clik collective were up to and boy did they do an amazing job, attracting a queue of intrigued punters waiting to be snapped in this bizzarre set up. Full of energy from start to end and loving what they do, i lift my hat off to the lovely  Clik Clik collective. I look forward to working with them again in the future and cant wait to see what weird and wonderful things they think of next.”

Christine Dent, walkabout coordinator, Swingamajig Festival May 2014


“Clik clik, there are no words for, there is no way in which I could sum them up. In fact the only way for anyone to understand their absolute fabulousness is to see them for yourselves. Great people, great fun, great music……..and the most infectious talent I have ever come across”.

Binky Nixon – Tie The Knot Wedding Carnival organiser and photographer. May 2014.


“I was visiting relatives in Worcester for the Victorian xmas fair and  were on our way home when along came the most surreal, theatrical and fantastical funeral procession. It was the Clik Clik Collective and we stopped to listen. They were BRILLIANT and it made our trip extra-special”.

Mary Evans . December 2013








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