The Glitter Playground – KAF 2016

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img_1440During August I collaborated with 3 Worcestershire artists on a new installation for Kidderminster Arts Festival, called ‘The Glitter Playground’.

Drawing from the familiar aesthetic of 70s glam and disco, ‘The Glitter Playground’ was collaboration between Spare Room Arts, Collective Unconscious, Capas Music and Clik Clik Collective for KAF 2016.

img_1420St George’s playground in Kidderminster was transformed temporarily into a glittery place for children and young people to explore, hang out and dance, whilst creating a place for adults to reflect and consider the relationship between adulthood and childhood.


While children enjoy the novelty of the recreated setting, adults were encouraged to question the nature of childhood inexperience through their deepened understanding of the aesthetic from which were drawing.



The Glitter Playground was kindly sponsored by Kidderminster Creatives, Wyre Forest District Council X-pression Grant and Worcestershire County Council Division of St Georges.


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